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Introducing Our No Fog Swim Goggles for Any Age, Any Size

Tekma Sport has been looking to expand its line of products to a broad range of customers and has begun selling Swimming Goggles at Amazon. The company has an introductory sales price at $9.95.

Tekma Sport said that in creating this product, they wanted to address many of the issues their children had experienced in wearing goggles while swimming. The company said they added padding around the lenses to make sure that they don’t press into the skin, irritate the face, or leave any marks. The goggles are also safe for those with latex sensibilities.

They also made sure that the goggles do not fog up so they do not require constant wiping, because2015 08 05_1406 when this happens the goggle straps often move and require regular adjusting to get them to fit right again.
In addition, the nose bridge is a solid piece so that there is no adjustment strap there that will press into the skin either.

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They attest to the fact that they do not fog up and do not leak water. Customers also mention how comfortable the goggles are on the face. One customer loved the fact that the lenses were a blue tint because they acted like sunglasses during his outdoor swim and blocked out the bright sun. The lenses do offer UV protection for outdoor enjoyment.

While the goggles are primarily targeted for youth, the customers stated they work just as well and are just as comfortable for adults as they are for kids.


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